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Annuity Consulting in Summit

If you're looking for experienced and trusted annuity consulting in Summit give Louis John Stanzione a call today at (908) 277-2603. We have over 30 years of experience in annuity and financial consulting. Additionally, Louis is a registered member of ethics.net (National Ethics Association), is a sitting Essex County, NJ Commissioner, and is also a Notary. Schedule your consultation today and we can help you find out the best way to ensure your financial growth and success. 

Non-traditional methods with proven results

Traditional financial institutions, such as large banks, have been successfully utilizing the 'Fairfield Green Enterprises' approach for many years. Despite their success, many people tend to use other models because of the high fees and low returns associated with premium financing. 

We use a model that is unique, proven, and easy to implement, which allows you to raise all of the money that is needed to fund the policy you want, in one year. By using this model you can buy life insurance that is fully funded by participating banks. If you have a high-quality credit score and collateral that is cash based, you are a great candidate for this model. 
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Why choose Louis John Stanzione at Fairfield Green Enterprises?

 Corporate Owned Life Insurance

Fairfield Green Enterprises is a leveraged split benefit arrangement providing organizations with tremendous value for both the employees and the company.
 Major Increase to Your Estate Value

Individuals (with a net worth of $5 million or more), can purchase a policy valued at more than 10x that of a traditional model.

 Large Profits

The combination of low-cost short-term funding and high cash-value life insurance creates the structure for large potential gains.
Increased Benefits

Fairfield Green Enterprises policies are long-term investments, so the corporation can offer employees life insurance benefits ranging from $100K to $5 million.
 Life Insurance with No Outlay

The Fairfield Green Enterprises program requires no out-of-pocket costs for both high net worth individual plans and COLI.
Guaranteed Issue for COLI

The corporate policies are 'guaranteed issue'; so everybody is eligible without a physical exam or a full medical underwriting. 
Note: High net worth plans will require an exam.

About Us

Louis J. Stanzione, PhD 
Louis has been a valuable and dependable advisor specializing in insurance to individuals, business owners, and professionals in the New York Tri-State area for more than two decades.

Louis currently has licenses' in insurance and healthcare and has a Certified Senior Advisor designation (CSA) which certifies him on a national basis on all senior-related planning.

Louis’ specialty areas include premium financing, estate planning, and all aspects of life insurance. He can speak or comment on any of those areas, in addition to:
  • Premium financing arrangements and life settlements
  • Policy audit and performance review programs
  • Capitalization strategy for clients over the age of 70
  • Municipal bond alternative (MBA) plans for clients over the age of 70
  • Group health plans (over 50 employees)
  • Credit shelter arbitrage
  • Annuity audit and performance review programs
  • Long-term care plans
  • Cash purchase for charitable/endowment policies
  • Overall estate planning
  • Louis is a registered member of ethics.net (National Ethics Association), is a sitting Essex County, NJ Commissioner, and is also a Notary.
  • Louis enjoys playing golf and spending time with friends and family in Northern New Jersey where he resides and is an active civil servant. He has been appointed as a Commissioner of the Essex County Utilities Authority.
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