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Better for the institution and its employees

We have over 30 years of experience and planning in corporate owned life insurance. Over the years we've seen the benefits of these policies and how they help not just employees but also the corporation. Our plans offer an improved working environment for employees. They also provide profits increases for institutions and the result is improvement and growth on every level of the organization.
Improved working environment makes the employees happy

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Benefits for the corporation

We've seen time and time again the effects of these policies on employees. The addition of life insurance policies allow them to keep a large share of their income and they aren't required to pay for independent plans. Providing substantive life insurance policies, that employees aren't required to pay for, attracts high quality candidates and it helps retain your best workers.

In addition, the program can result in large returns for the company without capital outlay because the cash value of the policy exceeds the death benefits. Using life insurance as an informal funding instrument ensures that assets are available when they are needed. The funding is predictable and determinable, and that means predictable investments for the corporation. Finally, we let each company decide which employees to include in the plan and the level of benefits for each worker, allowing you to reward key employees.

Benefits for the Employees

Employees have plenty to gain from these policies. There are substantial survivor benefits that are given to them at no cost. If an employee dies, the current value of the survivor benefits can be included in the employees estate. An unlimited marital deduction can offset this inclusion as long as benefits are payable to the employee's spouse. 

Every employee is eligible for these policies because they are 'guaranteed issue', meaning no physical exam or full medical underwriting. Since our policies are taken out as long-term investments, the corporation can offer benefits up to 10x the annual salary of the employee. Finally, the savings for employees are plentiful because they can receive benefits up to 10x their salary without any additional payment.
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